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Autogramm ist ein Synth-Power-Pop-Trio aus Vancouver, mit Einflüssen von The Cars, The Go Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20 und Devo. Die Bandmitglieder sind Jiffy Marx (Hard Drugs, Blood Meridian), C.C. Voltage (Dysnea Boys, Loyalities, Black Halos, Spitfires) und The Silo (Black Mountain, Lighting Dust, Destroyer).

Beim gemeinsamen Bier trinken mit Freunden sind bekanntlich schon viele Ideen entstanden. So auch, dass sich eine Band aus Vancouver „Autogramm“ nennt. Bassist C.C. Voltage lebte vor ein paar Jahren in Berlin. Beim Bier trinken dort mit Gitarrist Jiffy Marx wurde über ein zunkünftiges Bandprojekt nachgedacht, gescherzt über die viele sonnige Ziele und dass sie einiges Tages auf Tour gehen werden.

Das ist jetzt wahr geworden. Am Dienstag, 23.07.2019 spielen Autogramm im Kap Tormentoso .

Autogramm wissen eins: „Mushrooms“ vor Musikaufnahmen im Studio zu konsumieren, ist überhaupt keine gute Idee.

What was the most wonderful gig you ever played?
C.C. Voltage: Bilbao, Spain. I was playing with The Black Halos at the time. We opened for Danzig at a crazy outdoor festival. I love it there.

Jiffy Marx: Most recently was playing the Casa Ramones museum, CDMX. Huge debt of gratitude to our hermano Jake Fernandez from Disobedientes for setting that up!

The Silo: Lakeside Boogaloo, Jiffy’s own festival…

Where would you absolutely love to play?
C.C. I like to travel a lot, so I like playing anywhere new. I’d love to play in Brazil some day.

Jiffy: I would say Australia because there’s a bunch of awesome bands from there right now or Japan because I’ve never been.. And maybe a stopover in Hong Kong because i used to live there a long time ago and have never been back. The title or our first record What R U Waiting 4? is actually a reference to the time we tried to book a show there!

Silo: Japan. Anywhere in Asia. Mexico again, ‘cause it’s so fun!

What’s your best memory of seeing live music?
C.C. First concert without my parents was A-ha at Expo 86. I loved it. Taking my dad to see George Jones was another great moment.
Silo: The Go Gos at the Hollywood Bowl!
C.C. Changed my mind, The Go Gos at the Hollywood Bowl!

Before the gig: What’s your last thought before you enter the stage?

C.C. Did Jiffy bring the tequila shots or should I get some?

Jiffy: Haha. Ya that’s what I was gonna say, I always have so much crap to set up that if C.C. asks if he can help I usually send him to the bar for tequila so my very last thought before The Silo counts in the first song is either “C.C. where is the tequila?” Or hopefully “mmmm, tequila!”

Describe the perfect stage outfit.
Jiffy: I currently have one, you will have to come see us and find out;)

C.C. Anything the Cars would wear.

Silo: If someone could design something that looks sharp and removes the oceans of sweat pouring out of my skin, that would be much appreciated.

Please describe your worst studio experience.
C.C. On mushrooms. Couldn’t play anything.

Silo: Haha! No-mushroom rule in the studio!

Whitch things must always be in your your personal bag?
C.C. Skinny tie, sleeping mask, headphones, and a picture of a family that we found in Long Beach California and I believe keeps the band safe on tour.

Jiffy: Skateboard, swim trunks, lots of socks.

Silo: Coffee cup.

Which song never fails to make you sing, hum or whistle along?
C.C. Kiss is on my list by Hall and Oates.

Which program was the last you binge-watched?
C.C.:Bauer Sucht Frau.

Your favourite misbehavior?
C.C. I like anything that’s bad for me. Burgers, hot wings and beer. The list is endless.

Jiffy: For me it’s drinking. Beer, coffee, tequila, probably in that order. I don’t believe any of them are good for my health but I’ll hold out hope that tequila might actually be good for your brain or heart or something..?

Silo: Staying up late, with a dance floor.

Your favourite Weired Food Quirks?
C.C. When I was young I used to chew up a huge mouthful of potato chips into a ball. I’d take the ball out of my mouth and eat it like that. I thought somehow it tasted better.

Jiffy: Ha! That’s disgusting dude!

Silo: Pickles and peanut butter.

The most beautiful woman and/or man in showbusiness?
C.C.:Christie Brinkly and Tom Selleck

Jiffy: Fuck show business, up with punx!

Silo: Patti Smith — Robert Smith

The greatest musical genius (dead or alive)?
Jiffy: Aw man there was a while there where I kept meeting people and telling them “i’m a fan of so and so” and then they would say “oh i met them once, total asshole” so I started to get paranoid that all my heroes were assholes! I won’t name any names in hopes that they’re wrong. I know some people probably think I’m an asshole so who knows?!

C.C.: David Lee Roth of course! (Not musical, just genius)

Silo: Kate Bush

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