QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog: Folge 2 mit GUS GUS

Gus Gus

Es gibt keine blöden Fragen, nur blöde Antworten. In der Tradition von Max Frischs “Fragebogen” (1972) und keinerlei Psychotests steht der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog. 15 amüsante Fragen treffen auf 15 amüsante Antworten.

Folge 2: Die großartige Band GusGus, die am 28. September im Münchner Backstage aufspielt.

What are the first things you associate with Stuttgart?
It’s that I’m gonna name my first son stuttgart. So, it’s feelings that
I first associate with this city!

Please describe your most embarrassing moment on stage.
Well, in Bern when our beloved Doepfer refused to work, we had to stop the concert in the middle of it… and it never really kicked off again. We tried every trick in the book to re-vitalize the beast… and finally it was just unplugging it and re-plugging that was the problem and the only thing we forgot to do…. uff how embarrassing! :)

Can you list all the things you lost on tour?
Lost a lot of braincells….

We’d love to hear from you that your latest record isn’t your best one.
hehe right!

Which was the last movie you saw in cinema?
God Bless Iceland“ an amazing documentary about the fall of the Icelandic economy.

Which was the last album you bought?
I bought the latest MÚM album online. I have my friend Gunni in that band that I need to support!

Which was the last book you threw into the corner?
„After Dark“ by Murukami.. but I always pick it up again!

Which song makes you run on the dancefloor?
The ones I have not heard before and cut deep into my heart! Then
feeling go out that usually stay inside!

The world’s best live club?
Nasa in Iceland

Why are your concerts the best ones?
Because they are greatly improvised and always come fromt the heart.

If your music was food, what would it taste like?
Dry Fish with butter.

Are the Beatles overrated?
I’m not in the position to answer that as I have never heard them properly.

Your greatest mental defect?
Too many to pinpoint one.

Which question do you absolutely want to be asked?
You just asked this one earlier. Q nr. 4

Why are so many good bands from Iceland?
Because we don’t think about what the others are doing.

6 Gedanken zu „QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog: Folge 2 mit GUS GUS

  • 11. September 2009 um 10:22 Uhr

    Style ist mal so wichtig!! Könnt ihr bitte mal die Frage nachreichen, wo sie denn Ihre Anziehsachen kaufen und was sie denn da so an Marken bevorzugen.
    Danke :-)

  • 11. September 2009 um 10:29 Uhr

    bei deinem aktuellen Myspace-Profilfoto werden die das eher von dir wissen wollen…High Performer…

  • 11. September 2009 um 11:56 Uhr

    Wo ist denn die Lemmy-Frage dieses mal abgeblieben?

  • 11. September 2009 um 13:36 Uhr

    @VivaLaJonas: Die ersten 14 Fragen sind immer die selben, die 15. Frage ist dann auf die Band zugeschnitten.

  • 11. September 2009 um 15:37 Uhr

    Jetzt habe ich das Prinzip verinnerlicht und freue mich schon auf die nächste Ausgabe.

  • 11. September 2009 um 16:36 Uhr

    darfste auch, da sind noch paar in der Pipeline.
    ….aber die Gestanksfrage war schon geil.

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