Interview mit Ruben Romano (The Freeks)


Ruben Romano war noch so umwerfend zuvorkommend uns noch ein paar Antworten außerhalb der 15 Fragen zu geben.

How did you find together?
It all comes from my experiences with Nebula, we once toured with Zen Guerrilla, Isaiah filled in on bass in Nebula when Mark left, and Glenn was introduced to me by John Mcbain after the recordings of the Freeks debut record.

Is this a kind of project or a band that will last for a long time?
Everybody else is in bands and other projects, we are all great friends and we come together with The Freeks for fun. It is growing into a band, but there is a reason why we call it FREE-Ks with 2 ee’s,  because it is a way not to clamp anyone or anything down that can make it grow into something we will get tired of. Everybody is free to be who they are and that’s why when we get together it makes it a bit more special, for us anyways. By keeping the door unlocked like this I feel it can be a long term thing with out the full on commitment that seems to tire so many great artist’s out.

Did you found your sound, your kind of music or are you still searching and want to develope in some kind of direction you wanna tell us?
Again, we have no agenda, our sound lives as it grows. The first record was such a diversity that there is no real way to lable it under one genre. We like this. However, we have a new record coming out, a 10″ studio A-side Live B-side. The A side rolls back to my roots in FuManchu and Nebula, I am very inspired by what I have done in the past and maybe kept that in mind as to what the fans of those times might expect(more so than the full length), but  the b side really captures our live show extremely well. Very loose and FREE with a new fresh energy that is highly exciting while getting into some awesome blues based psychotic what the fuck!!

How are the plans for the near future (tour, records etc.)?
That is free to be what will come, and just as much as everybody else, we will be waiting to see what happens next.

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