QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog 166 mit EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog 166 mit EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID

Foto: Steffen Schmid

Wir wissen gar nicht, worüber wir mehr in Begeisterung geraten sollen. Dass die britischen Garage-Punk-Rocker Eight Rounds Rapid im Rahmen ihrer Deutschland-Tour am 4. Dezember wieder ins Merlin kommen (Update 25.11.: Das Konzert wurde leider abgesagt), wo sie 2018 einen blutigen Gig abgeliefert haben? Oder darüber, dass sie explizit einen neuen Gig-Blog-Fragebogen angefragt haben, weil ihen der letzte so großen Spaß gemacht hat? Da lassen wir uns doch nicht zweimal bitten, erfinden flugs einen neuen und präsentieren ein Novum: Eight Rounds Rapid, die erste Band mit zwei Gig-Blog-Fragebögen!

Wie bereits 2018, lässt Frontmann Dave Alexander auch diesmal tiefe Einblicke in das Bandleben zu.

No band without a founding myth. What is yours?
There was a rainbow over the rehearsal room at our first meeting, and a leprechaun (and a unicorn).

What do you look forward to at the beginning of a tour? And what at the end?
We love every moment of every hour of every day in the band Eight Rounds Rapid.

With which detail on the hospitality rider do you nag the promoters?
We want roast beef, marmite, spam and blood from every virgin within a mile of the venue. Fact!

Your most embarrassing moment on stage?
There are too many to list. It’s like a train wreck with occasional moments of serenity. Exciting! (Glasgow we love you).

What song gets you on the dance floor right away?
Dancing Queen by Abba. Feel the beat from the tambourine, yeah!

If your music was food, what would it taste like?
Pretzels dipped in mustard with strawberry jam. Yummy!

Who is your second favourite band mate?
I don’t like any of them.

What do you recommend for a healthy lifestyle on tour?
Roast beef, marmite, spam and Jane Fonda workout videos on VHS.

What audience behaviour drives you mad?
People enjoying themselves.

Which new British bands should our readers know about? Beside yours.
Rick Astley does Smiths covers.

For those who don’t know you yet: Which three ERR songs are the perfect entry point and why?
Steve, Drink and Onesie. I’ve forgotten the other ones.

How much Southend-on-Sea is in your music? Would it be different if you were in London?
I lived all over London. It lacks community and thinks very highly of itself, so I slunk back to the provinces where they said I belong. They were right.

Your Instagram account looks like a random collection of lost things. Art or coincidence?
We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the gutter and we stay in the gutter, so you might as well get used to it.

This is your third time in Stuttgart. Your first association with this city?
I had a poster of a Porsche 959 on my wall as a kid. I heard they made them here. Stuttgart feels quite fancy, like Islington but slower.

At the last gig at Merlin there was a guitar covered in blood. What can we expect this time?
Blood, new songs, old songs, facemasks and squalor.

What question do you miss on every band questionnaire? And what is the answer?
Why do you do this? Answer: Logic only gets you so far.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog 166 mit EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID

Foto: Steffen Schmid

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