QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog: Folge 69 mit FOREIGN BEGGARS

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Wer seine Mutter als schönste Frau im Showbusiness nennt, kann kein schlechter Mensch sein. Sie kommen aus England und machen eine gute Mischung aus HipHop und Dubstep. Am 7.Mai. treten die Foreign Beggars im Rocker auf.Wir verlosen 2×2 Karten. Email mit Namen an

1. What was the most wonderful gig you ever played?
Most ‚wonderful‘ would have to go to Karlsoy festival, in the north of Norway, its in the Arctic circle and the sun doesn’t go down at the time of year they have it..
Its a  very unique place, and very peaceful, except for the 1 hour when we make a racket..

2. Where would you absolutely love to play?
Festival – Coachella, also would love to play in South Africa, we’ve never been there.
Also Burning Man.

3. Please describe your worst studio experience.
I went to DJ Vadim’s studio once, around 2006 and he offered me some Russian Vodka. I went to get a glass from the washing up and accidentally knocked a beautiful teapot on the floor. He just said „That was a wedding present“. I wanted to disappear!

4. What would your music sound like if Elvis had never existed?
Would rap music have panned out differently if Elvis hadn’t existed? Pav’s hairstyle would probably be less acceptable.

5. The title of the book that touched you most is…
Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela – it epitomises what conviction and hard struggle can achieve in extreme circumstances.

‚The Colour Purple‘ and ‚Possessing The Secret Of Joy‘, both by Alice Walker. The Colour Purple is probably the one book i feel i’ve truly disected and understood and the stories of the characters there really showed the struggle of black americans emerging from the horrible times of slavery.

Also its sequel ‚Possessing The Secret Of Joy‘, which focussed on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation, a subject i know a lot about because my mother did a lot of work to bring this kind of human rights abuse out of the realm of ‚taboo‘ in the West. Alice is a great, great writer. And humanitarian.

6. Which ringtone do you use?
Crazy Frog for the Alarm, Margaret Thatcher memorial speech for the ringtone, Sasha Grey whispering for the text alert.

7. The most beautiful love song ever is called…
Anything by Al Green or Bill Withers..

I dont do love songs, only break ups.

8. Which song (except your own songs) do you know by heart?
Everything Rihanna has ever written, and about 1/3 of MF Dooms bars

Not sure i even fully know our own by heart, let alone anybody else’s. Possibly Ghetto „The Mountain“.

9. Boxer shorts or briefs?
Boxer briefs, they provide support yet let you breathe..

Both. Sometimes i feel breezy, sometimes i want ’support‘.

10. Which Beatles song deserves a decent cover (by you)?
I wanna hold (the palm of ) your hand.

11. Which TV show is essential?
Game of Thrones.. the others have started watching series 3, but I gotta wait til its all done so I can rinse the whole series in 2 days. This series is gonna be extra good cause our friend, rapper and actor  Ed Skrein, who appears on Mind Out on Asylum Speakers), is in it.

12. Please tell us your favourite joke.
Charlie Sheen.

13. Describe the perfect stage outfit.
At the moment I’m into patterns and digital prints a lot. Something that looks stylish but also very ’showman‘.

14. Your favourite candy?
Don’t really eat many sweets anymore, more like cakes and cookies (Bens Cookies is the SHIT) and every country we go to I gotta try the Chocolate milk – I  think Switzerland is the best.

White chocolate Lion Bar has been an addiction in recent months.

15. What would you be today if you had not become a pop star?
Pop star ahahah.. urm, scientist or drug dealer..

I don’t consider myself a pop star so a rapper/producer, of which i am both.

16. In which band would you like to play (except your own)?

Hanson or S Club 7

17. What’s your favourite instrument?
Keyboard – Analog synth. Or Drums. Or Drum Machines.

18. The greatest musical genius (dead or alive)?
Prince, Quincy Jones, D‘ Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, Thom Yorke, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Justin Bieber.

19. The most beautiful woman in show business?
My Mum, (she makes my sandwiches so strictly speaking is ‚in‘ show business)

Nonames’s Mum. What, bruv. She is buff…

20. How would you spend an unexpected gift of 1000 Euro (you’re not allowed to invest in alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, holidays or prostitution)
No hookers, jeez.. give it to charity- we work with YouthNet who are an umbrella charity for a bunch of young peoples charities and do a lot of good things for underprivileged kids in the UK.

Buy some $wag or a Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition Compressor. Or a Rhodes Chroma Polaris. Or take it to Vegas – All on red.

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