QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog Fragenkatalog: Folge 15 mit ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT

Foto: Promo

Wer die Musik von Archie Bronson Outfit beschreiben will, darf sich gerne paar neue Begriffe ausdenken. Aber auch ohne Schubladenzuordnung darf man sich sehr freuen, wie die drei bärtigen Briten am 26. April im Universum wohl die Stücke ihrer neuen Platte Coconut darbieten werden.

What are the first things you associate with Stuttgart?

Please describe your most embarrassing moment on stage.
Sam & Dorian playing different songs to each other without realising. There are many moments and they all have something to do with Dorian.

Can you list all the things you lost on tour?
Health & Money.

We’d love to hear from you that your latest record isn’t your best one.
Our next (unwritten) one is our best one.

Which was the last movie you saw in cinema?
Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Which was the last album you bought?
Franco et Josky Kiambukuta du T.P.O.K. Jazz.

Which was the last book you threw into the corner?
I don’t really do that. I have an inbuilt guilt thing of finishing books.

Which song makes you run on the dancefloor?

The world’s best live club?
Vera, Groningen.

Why are your concerts the best ones?
I never said they were; It ain’t a competition.

If your music was food, what would it taste like?

Are the Beatles overrated?

Your greatest mental defect?

Which question do you absolutely want to be asked?
You never knew them, but a distant relative of your has left  a massive amount of money in their estate. Will you accept it?

Is it difficult for you, considering that you are far away from the usual Britpop-stuff, to be visible in the British media?
Yes, with regards to radio, otherwise we get as much as we’d like.

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