QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – der gig-blog-Fragenkatalog: Folge 7 mit THE RAVEONETTES


Nun aber! Das großartige Duo The Raveonettes wird am 10.Februar in der Schorndorfer Manufaktur sein im Dezember ausgefallenes Konzert nachholen. Hier nochmal ihr Questions & Answers. Sune Rose Wagner, der Typ der Band, beantwortet unsere Fragen.

What are the first things you associate with Schorndorf?
No associations, sorry :-)

Please describe your most embarrassing moment on stage.
When you forget what city you’re in.

Can you list all the things you lost on tour?
The list would be way too long.

We’d love to hear from you that your latest record isn’t your best one.
Our last record is not our best one.

Which was the last movie you saw in cinema?
Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

Which was the last album you bought?
Run DMC “Raising Hell”

Which was the last book you threw into the corner?
Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”

Which song makes you run on the dancefloor?
Iron Maiden “Number Of The Beast

The world’s best live club?
Store Vega in Copenhagen.

Why are your concerts the best ones?
You should come and find out!

If your music was food, what would it taste like?
Dog food.

Are the Beatles overrated?

Your greatest mental defect?
You should come and find out.

Which question do you absolutely want to be asked?
Is it gonna be a white xmas?

Why are Scandinavian bands so good?
They’re not.

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